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who we are

Can you envision a reality where your home’s machinery operates at your beck and call, accessible through your smartphone or any internet-connected tablet, even when you’re miles away?

In this era of explosive knowledge growth and artificial intelligence advancement, what was once a mere fantasy has transformed into an integral facet of human existence. The convergence of these forces has birthed a new way of life.

Embracing this technological surge became imperative, allowing each individual to tap into the information revolution that has permeated every sphere of life. This wave has been harnessed to cater to our needs. It was within this context that the concept of our company, Doutcheh Vanguard, came to fruition, back in 2004. Our mission? To conceive and maintain intelligent abodes, blending Smart Home innovations, state-of-the-art CCTV systems, comprehensive fit-out services, Oil & Gas Maintenance, MEP solutions, and strategic Digital Marketing approaches.

1 Years
In The Industry
1 Services


Control your
home with touch
of a button

We have the best app and devices for controlling your home into smart technology. You will feel the luxury of our high-quality smart home products.

We do smart technology services for homes, buildings, and organizations.


24-hour surveillance,
best security, & remote

Get your home or business environment safe and secure with our CCTV and security services. Get alerts on suspicious activity, monitor home / business environment.

We provide quality security products with yearly maintenance.


Elevate Your Space:
Premium Fit-Out

Book our premium fit-out service for your home or building and experience swift solutions to your needs. Our team of skilled professionals is available 24/7 to cater to your requirements,

ensuring timely and exceptional transformations to enhance your space.


Fueling Efficiency &
Oil & Gas Services

Schedule your oil and gas maintenance service with us today and experience prompt resolution.

Our team of skilled professionals is at your disposal 24/7, ensuring swift and reliable solutions.

Who We Are


Have you ever imagined that you would harness all the machines in your home to serve you through your phone or any tablet connected to the Internet, even if you are outside the house??

This is not a fantasy at the time of the explosion of knowledge and artificial intelligence that created this uniqueness in the human lifestyle.

Why Us


We take pride in staying well-informed about the latest products introduced to the market, enabling us to be at the forefront of proposing innovative solutions that offer customers rapid comfort at optimal costs. Our dedicated programming team specializes in installing and maintaining smart home systems, comprising highly skilled and distinguished engineers holding prestigious global certifications in smart home automation and maintenance.

If you require our services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and our proficient team will promptly attend to your request.

Aim & Vision


Our primary objective is to achieve ownership of smart homes with unparalleled precision and perfection. Our vision entails creating homes that operate with utmost precision, encompassing the finest details and adhering to the highest standards of quality.

As our valued customer, we now extend our invitation to introduce you to the myriad benefits of smart homes. Through these advantages, we have derived the principles that underpin our goals and vision, forming the foundation upon which we build our endeavors.

Our Value


Doutcheh Vanguard, customer satisfaction stands as a paramount priority. Our guiding principles encompass professionalism, uncompromising quality, honesty, and integrity in all our endeavors. We hold steadfast to the values of initiative, adherence to deadlines, and unwavering responsibility.

You can rest assured that your trust in us is well-placed, as we wholeheartedly prioritize quality, craftsmanship, and professionalism in all aspects of our work.

Our Message


Our commitment to providing exceptional service begins with a steadfast dedication to accuracy and perfection in our work. Our foremost priority is to cater to all your needs and ensure that the final outcome aligns with your preferences and desires.

Furthermore, what sets us apart is our commitment to ongoing support and follow-up even after the smart home is delivered. In the event of any malfunctions, our highly skilled maintenance team is readily available to promptly address and rectify any issues that may arise. This comprehensive approach ensures that you experience a seamless and hassle-free smart home experience throughout our engagement.

Our Projects

Our Clients

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Abu Dhabi, Corniche Road,
Corniche Building 4-27